The Lost Art of Mineral Therapy in Practice with Daniel Jones

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The Lost Art of Mineral Therapy in Practice with Daniel Jones

Once upon a time mineral therapy was an intrinsic part of naturopathic practice. In the modern curriculum it's offered primarily as an elective subject and, as a result, many of the practitioners from recent generations lack experience in applying this therapy clinically.
Today we're talking to Dan Jones who has a passion for educating his peers on how mineral therapy is a core element of his practice. With over three decades of clinical experience to draw from, and mentored by some of Australia's most prominent practitioners, Dan shares countless examples of when and how he's applied mineral therapy for optimal patient outcomes.

Covered in this episode

[00:42] Introducing Daniel Jones
[01:29] Defining mineral therapy
[02:21] Dosage and strength differences
[05:31] The synergy between herbs and mineral therapy
[07:81] The legacy of Alf Jacka
[09:51] The least remedies to do the most work
[12:37] Getting started with mineral therapy
[14:40] Learning from Denis Stewart
[16:03] Can mineral therapy overcome poor diet?
[17:04] Is there an issue with lactose within celloids?
[19:33] Mega-dosing vs micro-dosing
[23:55] Discussing Calcium fluoride & Calcium phosphate
[27:20] Discussing Potassium phosphate
[29:32] Discussing Iron phosphate
[31:08] Potassium phosphate and Magnesium phosphate
[32:48] Discussing Sodium phosphate
[33:51] Mineral therapy result expectations?
[35:11] Safety aspects, responsible prescribing & referrals
[38:00] Seminar series with Dan Jones and Denis Stewart

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