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Dr Daniel Weber

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Dr Daniel Weber

Professor Daniel Weber is currently acting as a consultant and adviser to the International Consortium on Chinese Medicine and Cancer, co-sponsored by Guang ‘Anmen hospital (Beijing) and the National Cancer Institute OCCAM (Bethesda MD). He is vice-chair of the oncology section of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and visiting professor at Tianjin University.

He is completing a DSc by research in Australia on Integrative Oncology and has written a number of books and research papers on the subject. Daniel completed his PhD in Chinese medicine by writing the first English language database on Chinese herbal medicine in 1992 and completed a MSc in TCM at University of Technology; Sydney (UTS). Daniel has an interest in the use of TCM in cancer treatment.

Jul 26, 2019

According to Dr Daniel Weber, the gut is the second organ system in evolution and is by far, the most complex.