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Problem Solving the Chronic Disease Crisis with Carla Wrenn

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Problem Solving the Chronic Disease Crisis with Carla Wrenn

Carla Wrenn is on a mission to change the face of chronic disease in Australia. Not only is Carla a passionate clinical detective and problem-solver of complex conditions but she has become a pioneer for rationalising chronic care through teaching a system she has developed called, Vitae Mosaic.

Today Carla shares her passion for taking a functional medicine approach to care and breaking down cases that appear overwhelming and complex to drive results in her practice. Carla discusses how she prioritises and personalises her clinical approach, who she looks up to, and why having a peer support network is a key element to achieving success in practice.

Covered in this episode

[00:33] Introducing Carla Wrenn
[01:44] Changing the face of chronic disease in Australia
[02:20] Naturopathy in complex, chronic care
[03:00] Functional medicine principles vs. naturopathic philosophy
[05:17] Population vs. personalised medicine
[08:24] Attracting complex patients
[09:12] Developing the Vitae Mosaic system
[12:02] Giving patients hope
[13:37] Patient examples
[15:22] Invisible illness
[16:47] Carla's areas of practice interest
[17:46] Practitioner heroes in functional medicine
[18:39] Collaboration with colleagues
[20:29] Rural vs. urban practices
[21:28] Successful collaboration with orthodox medicine
[25:44] Where Vitae Mosaic fits in current practice?
[30:32] Simplifying overwhelming diagnoses
[33:11] Creating a supportive network of peers
[34:23] Affordability of naturopathic care
[35:59] Prioritising: where to begin with complex cases
[40:09] Resources for further learning


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