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Aboriginal Traditional Medicine in Mainstream Healthcare with Dr Francesca Panzironi

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Aboriginal Traditional Medicine in Mainstream Healthcare with Dr Francesca Panzironi

***NB: We acknowledge that the audio of this podcast may be difficult to understand or follow for some listeners, nevertheless we felt it important to share this podcast for those with a deep interest in the work Dr Panzironi is involved within. Unfortunately there will be no transcript available for this episode*** 

Why have 60,000 years of traditional and Aboriginal methods of healing and medicine not been considered as part of mainstream medicine, particularly in within the Australian healthcare system?

This is the question Dr Francesca Panzironi asked herself before embarking on a 4 year journey across South Australia to search for the answers, a journey which culminated in the founding of the Anangu Ngangkari Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (ANTAC). 

In this episode, Francesca discusses the importance of her work with ANTAC and how it has resulted in the incorporation of traditional Aboriginal healers and practices into the orthodox hospital setting, outlining the different approaches and perspectives, as well as what the future might look like as this blending of traditional and modern medicine becomes more mainstream. 

Covered in this episode

[01:00] Welcoming Dr Francesca Panzironi
[02:41] Francesa discusses her travels and how she was introduced to the Ngangkari healers
[08:14] Incorporating traditional healers into the hospital setting
[12:16] A different approach to the consultation process
[15:51] Creating an employment pathway for Aboriginal healers
[18:42] Traditional healing practices for pain management and spiritual misalignment
[25:22] Safety concerns regarding ingested healing methods
[28:21] What happens once patients are released from hospital?
[31:16] Reactions from orthodox medicine practitioners
[35:28] Is there data that shows improvements in health outcomes?
[36:22] Looking to the future and expanding to other areas in Australia
[38:38] Thanking Francesca and closing remarks

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