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Aboriginal Traditional Medicine in Mainstream Healthcare with Dr Francesca Panzironi

Sep 09, 20

Dr Francesca Panzironi discusses the importance of her work with ANTAC and how it has resulted in the incorporation of traditional Aboriginal healers and practices into the orthodox hospital setting

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Jul 07, 19

Ethnobotany is a term used describe the study of traditional or indigenous plant knowledge and application, which significantly contributes to Aboriginal paediatrics, some of the oldest surviving practices in the world.[1,2] These practices represent 50,000 years of wisdom and cultural evolution.

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Hope for Health: Embracing Indigenous Wisdom and Healing with Dr Kama Trudgen and Helen Padarin

Jul 05, 19

Dr Kama Trudgen and Helen Padarin discuss how Hope For Health and the TOGETHER Retreats are bringing communities together in Arnhem Land.

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