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Herbal Posology with Justin Sinclair

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Herbal Posology with Justin Sinclair

Why is drop dosing in herbal medicine considered contemptuous?

Do we idolise knowledge over wisdom to the detriment of our practice? In this episode, we welcome back Justin Sinclair as we dive into an enlightening discussion on the art and science behind crafting herbal medicine prescriptions. Justin shares his own experiences with being flexible with the therapeutic delivery of herbs to maximise clinical outcomes. 


Covered in this episode

[00:39] Welcoming back Justin Sinclair
[02:14] The history of herbal medicine dosing
[05:50] "The dose makes the poison"
[10:10] Sometimes lower doses are the answer
[13:30] Physiological dosing
[14:14] The therapeutic order
[14:57] Does science support drop dosing?
[19:19] Dose and Herb selection are equally important
[20:30] Where does healing start and end?
[21:44] Experimenting outside the status quo
[24:25] Drawing upon wisdom of elders
[26:00] Science is correct, until it's not
[28:38] Herbal medicine noteworthy resources
[34:54] The evolution of herbal medicine

**Currently no transcript available for this episode


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