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Dr Janet Schloss

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Dr Janet Schloss

Working in a clinical practice and as a researcher is something most people feel that can't be achieved. However, dreams and ambitions do come true.

Dr Janet Schloss has been working as a naturopath and clinical nutritionist in her own practice for over 20 years. During this time, she undertook further studies to complete her PhD in Medical research in the school of medicine at the University of Queensland. Now, Dr Schloss works successfully part time as a Clinical trials Manager in the Office of Research, Endeavour College of Natural health conducting clinical trials and other research. In addition, she still works part time in her practice seeing patients as that is something she is very passionate about. The enjoyment of being able to bring both together also enhances her experience in both fields.


Dec 11, 2019

Dr Janet Schloss discusses her clinical trial researching the effects of medicinal cannabis glioblastoma multiforme, a particularly aggressive type of brain cancer.