Refreshing Naturopathic Examination Skills with Katie Barron

How confident are you in your naturopathic examination skills? Today we talk to Katie Barron, who is on a mission to boost the confidence of practitioners in Australia and NZ in the art of naturopathic examination techniques. 

May 17, 19

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Art Psychotherapy for Mental Health with Megan Shiell

How familiar are you with borderline personality disorder? Have you heard of Dialectical Behaviour? In this podcast, we talk to Megan Shiells about this therapy and when you might refer clients for care.

May 08, 19

Integrative Dermatology for Psoriasis with Prof Michael Tirant

According to Prof Michael Tirant, integrative dermatology is the way forward. Today he joins us to share his expertise on personalising therapy for psoriasis.

Apr 26, 19

The Inflamed Brain with Dr Brandon Brock

What are the actual mechanisms of inflammatory damage to the brain, and how does the brain initiate healing and cleansing? Dr Brandon Brock joins us to share his expertise.

Apr 18, 19

Navigating Food Choices with Genes with Amanda Archibald

In this podcast we're joined by culinary genomics expert Amanda Archibald who shares with us what genes can tells us about the foods we choose. 

Apr 10, 19