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Exploring the Gut-Skin Connection

In integrative medical models the intrinsic connection between the outward health of the skin and the internal health of the gut is a well accepted notion. Though the mouth and the anus become two end points of internal versus external, in reality, these are merely points where we can draw an assumed line to separate structurally different forms of epithelial tissue of which many characteristics are shared.

It is well documented that advanced gut disease can give rise to aberrations in the skin’s appearance. In particular, IBD and Crohns sufferers can manifest rough patches of skin, skin tags, stomatitis and other subcutaneous disruptions in function. So then why is it that skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis are often met with contempt when it’s suggested that we “treat the gut” as part of the therapy? The intrinsic connection between the two, cannot be denied. 


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Green tea is widely known for its potent antioxidant effects. This research highlights how this may be capitalised on for exercise-induced oxidative stress.
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Researchers from as far back as 1930 suspected a link between gut and skin health and this has certainly been a cornerstone of understanding for wholistic medicine practitioners.

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