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Dr Alessio Fasano reveals the widespread clinical significance of zonulin, Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity, as well as a myriad of disorders.
A compelling view of how the gut can be a point of intervention for the safe treatment of chronic disease...

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Reducing the burden of "cold & flu" with Natural Medicine 

It’s that time of year. The cooler weather is creeping in, and with it comes all the traditional ills of winter. 

Coughs, colds, flus - even gastro, make the rounds in the “flu season” which typically spans from March to September. 

The prevention and co-management of acute infections is truly is an opportunity for natural and integrative medicine to shine. In fact, without the complementary medicine practitioners and the savvy end-consumers employing these approaches, the burden upon the medical system would be far greater. 

Simple dietary and lifestyle techniques, such as reducing sugar, getting more fresh air and sunshine - as well as having some key treatments such as echinacea, vitamin C and probiotics on hand can go a long way to actively avoid going down for the count in flu season. 

This month on FX Medicine, the podcast will explore the perils of sugar and its impact on immunity, as well as staying well during pregnancy during flu season. 

Our articles and research this month will explore an array of topics, including herbal, nutritional and micobiome-related interventions for keeping healthy this winter. 


The Full Potential of Echinacea

Echinacea has been the subject of over 600 scientific journal articles. The majority of the studies, meta-analyses and systemic reviews relate to its action on the immune system and its effect on upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). Even with this vast number of studies, the evidence for echinacea’s efficacy on URTIs remains controversial. The world’s foremost authority on echinacea, Dr Rudolf Bauer, states this is because researchers have failed to use standardised, consistent and researched echinacea extracts. Until such extracts become more widely used by researchers, echinacea research will continue to produce inconsistent results in URTIs and other conditions. 

Did you know that Echinacea can also be used in vaginal candidiasis, herpes simplex virus, leucopenia and certain autoimmune conditions? 

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Nutrigenomics: Personalised Nourishment podcast with Dr Deanna Minich

Nutrigenomics: Personalised Nourishment from FX Medicine on Vimeo.

Dr Deanna Minich is a leading expert on nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition with a special interest in emotional eating; or the "food-mood connection".

Dr Minich's true ambition for functional nutrition only presented itself when she was feeling unfulfilled as a pre-med student and decided to switch to a Masters Degree in Nutritional Biochemistry followed by a PhD in Nutrition. She professes to be "Switzerland" when it comes to diets, instead she takes a whole-self approach to nourishment.


WEBINAR AVAILABLE: Functional Gastroenterology with Michael Ash

Michael Ash delivered outstanding information to an audience of hundreds of integrative health professionals in Sydney at the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium.

This presentation was recorded and is now available online at the BioCeuticals Website.
(NB. Available to members of the BioCeuticals website: if you are not a member, to join click here)




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