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How well do you know L-theanine? In this podcast Dr Lise Alschuler takes us through some "outside the box" uses for L-theanine supported by evidence and her own clinical experiences. 
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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) occurs in approximately 90% of women of reproductive age, of which about 10% are diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).
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Higher percentages of body fat tend to yield a lowered Vitamin D status. However, evidence shows, Vitamin D is important in regulating metabolic markers associated with obesity and PCOS. 
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There is an epidemic of autoimmunity sweeping the health care landscape and the thyroid is part of the fall out. Today's podcast gives some strategy to rebalancing these issues with integrative medicine.
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The age of personalised medicine: Improved clinical insights for better patient outcomes. Save the date: 21-23 April 2017.
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One potential mechanism proposed for the pathogenesis of preeclampsia is elevated homocysteine levels adversely affecting placental functionality, with various data finding a three- to eightfold increase...
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Dietician, and mother-of-two, Belinda Reynolds takes us through postpartum nourishment for a healthy mind, body and baby. 
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In this infographic, we take a closer look at herbal and nutritional ways to inhibit the allergic response and nip seasonal allergies in the bud.

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