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World recognised international speaker James Maskel is coming to Australia for a unique and engaging workshop on "The Future of Medicine" - Presented by the Australiasian Integrative Medicine Association (...
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The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) is pleased to announce it is launching a series of public nutritional medicine education lectures – MedEd 4 Everyone
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Women's health expert Dr Lara Briden takes us through the complexities of the PCOS patient picture and the many opportunities complementary medicine offers to sufferers where traditional medical approaches...
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The Mindd International Forum offers comprehensive education to certified practitioners for the care of children (and mothers) with chronic complex conditions including allergies, asthma, ADHD, autism, CFS...
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The evidence can no longer be ignored, sugar is to blame for the continual rise in chronic disease. Prof Robert Lustig is a paediatric neuroendocrinologist, researcher, clinician and pioneer of the anti-...
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The theme for this conference is Innovation, Integration & Inspiration and how these apply to herbal medicine and naturopathy in the management of chronic conditions that align with Australia's...
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Iodine plays an important role in optimal functioning of the thyroid. How much is needed? and how prevalent is deficiency in Australia?
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Ask the average person what their thyroid actually does and you’re likely to be met with a blank stare! So what does it do? And what happens when things go wrong?

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