Dr Kylie Dodsworth and her Journey to Integrative Medicine

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST BONUS: Dr Kylie Dodsworth and her Journey to Integrative Medicine **AIMA Conference Special**

Dr Kylie Dodsworth is an integrative general practitioner who specialises in treating chronic, complex and confounding conditions which in the modern medical model, are often ill-defined and poorly treated.

In this podcast, Kylie discusses the purpose and focus of the 2015 Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) Conference - "Taking the Pulse of Integrative Medicine". She also shares with us her path to becoming an integrative GP adopting a mind-body medicine approach.

Dr Kylie Dodsworth is the business owner and Director for the Centre for Health and Wellbeing where she specialises as a GP in Integrative Medicine. This approach combines the science of our body's biochemistry, with evidence based complimentary medicine as well as utilising standard medicine as needed in order to offer patients the best approach to optimising health. She is also an Executive Board member for the AIMA.

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