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A balanced microbiome supports immune health
Feb 25, 19

The intestinal microbiome is a complex signalling hub that incorporates environmental factors, such as diet, stress and xenobiotics, with genetics and immune signals to influence host immunity and response to infection.[1-3] Within the last decade, we have begun to understand the importance of this interdependent bilateral interaction between the host and its microbiota and how its mutually beneficial balance is crucial in host defence and immune health.[1]

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Quorum Sensing with Belinda Reynolds

Aug 23, 17

Today Belinda Reynolds takes us through: How might knowledge of quorum sensing and biofilm disruption change treatment strategies? 

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Dirty Kids are Healthy Kids

Dec 07, 16

Paediatric neurologist, Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein, works with...well, dirt! Dr Shetreat-Klein has found her niche teaching her patients to embrace germs and not be obsessed with the modern day culture of sanitisation.

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