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Dirty Kids are Healthy Kids with Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein

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Dirty Kids are Healthy Kids

Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein works with…well, DIRT! Not filth, mind you, but Dr Shetreat-Klein has found her niche teaching her patients to embrace germs and not be obsessed with the modern day culture of sanitisation.

As a paediatric neurologist Dr Shetreat-Klein blends her traditional medical training with a passion for mind-body medicine. In this episode, she talks about her journey into functional medicine and how her own research as a parent led her to advocate "dirt" as a means to combat modern childhood disorders such as allergies, mood, behaviour and learning. 

Covered in this episode:

[00:50] Introducing Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein
[03:32] How does a paediatric neurologist evolve into integrative medicine?
[04:33] Why neurology? 
[05:59] Why paediatrics?
[07:10] The beginnings of Dr Maya's journey into functional medicine
[08:25] Polypharmacy and the impact on developing brains
[11:00] Limitations to the way modern medicine is taught and practiced
[15:57] Connecting with children
[19:34] Is Autism and Behavioural Disorders on the rise?
[22:29] The Dirt Cure background
[31:26] Embracing germs for better health
[35:22] The problems with antibiotics
[36:09] Non-medical approaches to Immune Support
[40:20] What are you teaching your patients? 
[49:19] A case example of small changes can provide dramatic health benefits
[51:48] Using nutrients alongside pharmaceuticals
[54:37] How do you encourage kids to reconnect with playing outside?
[57:25] Wrapping up: Dr Maya's website and book 

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