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FX Omics will showcase the work of clinicians, researchers and key opinion leaders in the fields of genomics,
epigenetics and metabolomics as they lead the way into the emerging paradigm of personalised medicine. 


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What if we completely reimagined the way we deliver healthcare? In this look into the future, entrepreneur and health advocate James Maskell d...

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Genomic analyst Lynda Sedley takes us through the latest ideas in genome sequencing and how it will influence the future of natural medicine.

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To test, or not to test for ApoE4? Nutritional Genomics Consultant Dr Sasja Beetstra-Hill guides us through the specifics of the ApoE4 gene and its...

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Today we talk to Alessandra Edwards about testing and technology to guide us in personalising patient treatments.

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Prof Michael Fenech shares with us the mechanisms of DNA damage and the role that the assessment of micronuclei may play in evaluating a person's g...

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The message from Dr Yael Joffe is clear; jump on board and learn about genetics and genomics, because it's the future of how we will deliver health...

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Christine first takes us back basics in genetics, before diving deeper into epigenetics and gene expression effects of the foods we eat,...

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Elizma Lambert is a complex-case detective who enjoys identifying patterns in her patients' signs and symptoms, genetics, environment and functiona...