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Cannabis Mythbusting with Justin Sinclair

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Cannabis Mythbusting with Justin Sinclair

Gateway Drug? Violent behaviour? Addiction? Dependence? Lowering IQ? Lung Cancer?

There is more misinformation surrounding the use and/or abuse of cannabis than perhaps any other illicit drug, and this has served to perpetuate many myths surrounding its use and effects. No-one is more educated on the history, the culture, the phytochemistry as well as the abuse of, or the compassionate, responsible use of medicinal cannabis than Justin Sinclair.

Today Justin dispels many of the misnomers about Cannabis in a comprehensive discussion of the facts from the literature, science and statistics. 


Covered in this episode:

[01:10] Welcoming back Justin Sinclair
[02:50] Today's Topic: Myths and Misconceptions of Cannabis
[03:06] Why was Marijuana so prevalent in the 1960's
[06:00] Dependence and is marijuana a gateway drug?
[12:29] Statistics on "legal" substance addiction: Sugar, Tobacco, Alcohol
[13:58] Evidence and statistics for marijuana being a gateway drug
[19:53] Comparing statistics: what is more dangerous?
[23:48] Have more relaxed laws on cannabis (eg. SA and ACT) led to more illicit drug use?
[25:30] A word on hydroponics 
[27:00] Fact or Fiction: Vaping
[29:47] Fact or Fiction: Can cannabis lower IQ
[34:31] Experiences of those countries that have legalised cannabis?
[38:40] What's the link with Cannabis and lung cancer?
[43:01] Consensus on actives in cannabis and hemp
[49:36] Final comments on social vs. medicinal cannabis use
[52:08] Final thanks to Justin

Research explored in this podcast

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