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Fin Mackenzie - Naturopath

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Fin Mackenzie - Naturopath
Fin Mackenzie is a Naturopath with a clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She firmly believes that complementary medicine and an integrative approach are the only ways to combat the huge burden that preventable disease is placing on our health system. Through collaborative health support, people can reach their true potential and this is her passion! Fin has special interests in the areas of; Sleep Issues, Digestive Complaints and Skin Issues. She is particularly passionate about Children’s Health such as, behavioural issues, fussy eating, eczema, allergies and food intolerance.
Overweight, obesity, stress
Aug 08, 2016

Prolonged stress makes our bodies produce more cortisol, which is great if we are cavewomen and need to escape from marauding tribes, but not so great if we have to deal with everyday work problems.