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We are joined by Dr Mike Armour to discuss the expansion of research into supporting women with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. 
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Today we are joined  by Prof Stephen Myers, a respected academic in complementary and integrative medicine, who shares his educated opinion on this recent move by the Medical Board of...
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Today we're joined by Prof Stephen Myers who has just published a study that can help silence those who say "there's no evidence for naturopathy and complementary medicines".
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Integrative paediatric clinician, Dr Elizabeth Mumper about the core pillars she employs in her own practice when working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders.
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Have you heard of microchimerism? In today's podcast we learn what this is, and discuss the importance of healthy mitochondria for optimal fertility. 
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What can our genes tell us about what foods we should consume? Meet Amanda Archibald, the dietician who is pioneering this area of nutrigenomics. 
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Is "adrenal fatigue" really talking about fatigued, worn-out adrenal glands? Beth Bundy joins us to explain why adrenal fatigue is a myth.
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Dr Adrian Lopresti has both reviewed current evidence and plans to conduct further research into CM's in teenage mental health. Today we pick his brains about working integratively with youth in...
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Dr Denise Furness shares how she incorporates genetic information into her clinical practice. 
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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Prostate Cancer are some of the biggest health issues facing men today. Dr Mark Donohoe takes us through the changing approaches to this in healthcare.
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Anna takes us on a concerning journey of our toxic world and how pollutants such as phthalates can affect the development of foetal male sex organs, even in-utero.
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What is motor neurone disease and how can we support patients with naturopathic care? Vanita Dahia joins us to share her expertise.
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Sarah Franklin shares her expertise on how to best manage symptoms and offer ethical, safe and compassionate care to enrich and honour a person's final days. 
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Cindy shares the various diet, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal therapies which she has found clinically successful in improving the quality of life for those facing this confronting connective...
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Dr Mark Donohoe shares his insights into patient and practitioner self-care when supporting patients contemplating suicide.