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Blending Functional Medicine and Neurology with Dr Brandon Brock

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Blending Functional Medicine with Neurology with Dr Brandon Brock

The brain is the body's master-controller, making neuroscience a fascinating area of healthcare.

Dr Brandon Brock has a broad scope of expertise borne of his formal training in chiropractic and nursing, which has given rise to his love for endocrinology, immunology, neurology, pharmacology and the art of physical examination and diagnosis.

Drawing on his own experience of having sustained a head injury, Dr Brock developed a keen interest in blending neurology and functional medicine. This led to him being a sought after lecturer in the field of functional neurology including his forthcoming appointment as a key note speaker at the Mindd International Forum in May 2017.

In this podcast, practitioners can get a taste for what to expect out of Dr Brock's masterclasses at Mindd where he will cover how to assess and treat a range of brain-immuno-gut conditions including; ASD, ADHD, OCD, anorexia, LD, SPD, CFS, PANDAS, tic-borne Illness and more. 


Covered in this episode

[00:45] Welcoming Dr Brandon Brock
[03:09] More on Dr Brock's background
[05:05] Why neuroscience?
[05:58] The importance of physical examination
[08:85] See Dr Brock at the Mindd Forum 2017
[10:26] The rise of childhood developmental disorders
[11:13] Gut-brain or brain-gut?
[13:17] Dr Brock's approaches to vagus nerve
[15:36] Topics to expect from Dr Brock at the Mindd Forum 2017
[16:01] Naturopaths & Nutritionists: How to improve cellular health
[16:45] Hands-on learning
[17:44] Challenges in physical examination in kids with behavioural disorders
[19:38] The role of lymphatics and inflammatory cytokines
[22:22] Pharmacology: Interactions
[25:52] Seizure medication, nutrition and genetics
[28:17] Clinical tools for navigating interactions
[30:52] Ritalin and nutrient interactions
[33:11] Sugar and behavioural disorders
[36:23] The problems with artificial sweeteners
[40:00] Medium-chain triglycerides
[41:18] Implementing an integrated approach
[43:59] Practitioner-speak vs. patient-speak
[46:55] Future podcast on PTSD with Dr Brock
[48:20] Final summary and thanks

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