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Liposomes and Heavy Metals with Dr Christopher Shade

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Liposomes and Heavy Metals with Dr Chris Shade

Dr Christopher Shade may well be one of the world's foremost experts in human detoxification.

In today's podcast, Dr Shade takes us through the science behind liposomal technology and its applications in heavy metal detoxification. Find out the intricacies of liposomal formulation, stability and pharmacodynamics as well as the many possibilities for drug and nutrient delivery.

Ahead of his appearance at the forthcoming 5th BioCeuticals Research Symposium, Dr Shade also shares some insight into the features of his masterclass - understanding of the complex biochemistry that underlies the moderation and removal of heavy metals and other biotoxins from overloaded systems.

Covered in this episode

[01:48] Introducing Dr Chris Shade
[04:09] Dr Chris Shade: approaches to detox
[04:33] Where did liposomes begin?
[05:42] Application possibilities for liposomes
[07:25] Superior bioavailibility - 10-100-fold.
[08:34] Understanding Nanoparticles
[11:58] Stability: the right chemistry
[13:25] Soy-derived phosphotidyl choline
[16:12] Polyethethlene glycol (PEGs)
[19:04] Safety & quality of liposomes
[21:42] Drug delivery vs. nutrient delivery
[24:32] Liposomal endogenous recirculation
[25:40] Enhancing oral glutathione
[28:14] Delving into evidence for optimising absorption
[30:10] Pharmacodynamics of liposomes
[35:44] Heavy Metals, Toxins and Neuroinflammation
[37:56] Adopt a "detox lifestyle"
[38:52] Environmental toxins, immunity and inflammation
[40:40] How effective the body is at defending toxic loads
[41:41] Mitigating detox reactions
[44:04] Supporting the "peace-making" mechanisms of immunity
[47:54] Judicial testing: not everything can be tested for
[49:51] Final summary and 5th BioCeuticals Research Symposium

Research Explored in this podcast

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