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Can I contribute content to FX Medicine?

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Wed, 09/23/2015 - 14:55 -- editor

I'm a researcher or health professional with expertise in a particular field, how can I become involved and contribute to FX Medicine?

FX Medicine typically accepts written content from health professionals or researchers who hold a health-related qualification. 

We welcome original content from writers with a health science background, using recent scientific journals as a primary source of reference. Prior writing experience is beneficial, but not essential. 

FX Medicine has two main forms of written content. 

  1. Research insights: these normally examine one key study or piece of evidence. Ideally recent - ie. Within the last 6-12months. Discussing the 'take home messages' for practitioners from that evidence. Other supporting evidence may be used and these items are usually no more than 400 words. 
  2. Longer articles/ Opinion Pieces: These articles are usually far more in-depth exploration of topics based around a condition or clinical practice area. They will often be supported by multiple references and are usually min. 1000words. 

Writers for FX Medicine will be required to submit their work, meeting our style guide (we will provide this) for layout and referencing and produce work that fits into our brand DNA. Writers will also need to provide a square headshot and a short biography to create the author profile in FX Medicine where your work will be housed. 

What can I write about?

The sky is the limit, as long as it would be of interest to complementary medicine health professionals and can be supported with quality evidence.
We find, written content is at its best when the writer has a passion for, or expertise in a given subject. So we want you to write about what you're interested in. 

Please get in touch with us, to discuss your ideas on more detail. 

Do you have paid writing positions?

After many years of relying on voluntary contributions, FX Medicine is excited to be able to offer a limited number of paid writing opportunities from late 2019 onwards. 
Paid writing submissions will be at the discretion of the content manager, and preference will be allocated to those writers who have previously had one or more published pieces on the FX Medicine website. 

**Please note: 

  • FX Medicine is, by design, a community of health professionals, researchers and other relevant members of the integrative and functional medicine industry committed to raising awareness of evidence-based functional medicine practices. Please only get in contact with us, if you have qualifications in a relevant health science field that would benefit our community
  •  FX Medicine is regularly contacted by various websites/organisations asking us to link to their posts from within our posts of a similar topic. This is NOT part of FX Medicine's brand DNA.
    The references that FX Medicine writers cite are, in general, peer reviewed research, not unverified blog posts. Please don't reach out to us with these kinds of requests.