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Can I feature FX Medicine content on my blog/website?

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Fri, 03/23/2018 - 10:26 -- editor

Yes, FX Medicine content can be featured on your own blog or website, we just have a couple of guidelines you need to follow.

Firstly; Ask permission for the particular content you would like to feature first.

Let us know where it will be located, and we must be able to access the content you feature.

Guidelines for use of Articles and Research pieces

For FX Medicine authors reposting content to their own website:

Please include the following image at the footer of the reposted article on your website or blog:

Find the original article "Natural Killer Cells and Infertility by Emily Seddon" at FX Medicine

For other websites who wish to link to, repost, or repurpose FX Medicine Articles or Research:

  • At the header of the article please include the text: Original content sourced from fxmedicine.com.au  <-- Please link the underlined text through to the original piece
  • Please include one of the following images on the webpage you post, ideally, as the footer to the republished article. Please link the image to the FX Medicine Homepage

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Guidelines for the use of images and infographics

All images and infographics on FX Medicine website are subject to copyright and remain the property of FX Medicine and must not reproduced or altered without prior consent.

Guidelines for the use of Podcast content

There are a few different ways to share FX Medicine podcasts with your audience. 

To embed specific episodes, to play directly from your own blog or website, we have 2 preferred methods: Video (Vimeo or YouTube) or Audio Player (Stitcher).

  • Video is the ideal method if you want to visually include the episode. This method is also ideal for podcast interview guests who wish to link to the episode they've been a part of, as it features the interview guest's title slide (bio and headshot). You will find this video on the FX Medicine website and can follow it back to Vimeo or YouTube (whichever is relevant to your episode) to source the embed code. 
  • Stitcher has the flexibility to embed the audio play for a single specific episode, or the whole player so your audience can scroll through all episodes. You can see an example of that here. The stitcher player comes in a couple of sizes, so can be scaled to suit your needs.
  • NB: With embed links - we ask that you please also include a link to the FX Medicine website (either the homepage, or the individual podcast episode). Please see details below regarding hyperlinked text preferences.  
  • Please contact us for the relevant embed codes. 

If you want to refer to an episode as hyperlinked text only, our preference is as follows:

a) Avoid using generic links:
    eg. The latest podcast by FX Medicine talks about Endometriosis and Immunity with Leah Hechtman, it is fantastic, to listen Click Here
b) Instead use links with context:

    eg. The latest podcast by FX Medicine talks about Endometriosis and Immunity with Leah Hechtman, it is a fantastic episode. 
c) You may also use the following image with text to link to the individual podcast episode, or directly to the FX Medicine homepage: