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How can I appear on the podcast?

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Fri, 10/27/2017 - 17:08 -- editor

You're an expert in your field - and you'd like to put yourself forward for the podcast...


We'd be delighted to hear from you!

We've been contacted by experts from all over the world to be interviewed on the FX Medicine Podcast.

If you'd like to be on the program here's a few things you should know:

  1. Firstly, who do we interview?
    Our podcast welcomes health professionals or researchers with valuable clinical insights to share relevant to the health and wellness industry.
  2. When and where is the podcast recorded?
    We have a booking calendar for our podcast guests to select from a variety of dates and times.
    At our end, we work on Brisbane, Australian time (AEST).  If you're an international guest, that's fine! Our booking calendar will take care of populating the booking options based on your selected location.
    If you can't see a date or time that suits your schedule, please just get in touch with us and let us know your preferred date and time and timezone and we will work with you to make this work.
  3. How are the interviews recorded?
    Our interviews are recorded with the option of audio only, or video interview. (You can select your preference in the booking form). 
    We use Zoom for this, and you will receive a link to access it when booking which will save to your calendar. 
  4. What information do we need from booked guests?
    We need a Hi-Res Head Shot, and a short bio (Approx 25 words) which our host will use to introduce you on the show and it will be used to create your guest profile page on the FX Medicine website. 
    We will also need your best contact email on hand to liaise with you regarding the podcast release and our booking form will ask for you for a few details includinig podcast topic/title, your social media handles and your business website.
  5. If you're putting yourself forward for a podcast, or you're a booking agent for a potential guest:

    Firstly,  please take some time to familiarise yourself with our style and format for podcasts.

    We like to record clinically relevant interviews, pitched to a health professional audience (peer-to-peer) that is typically centred around a specific health condition (for our regular podcast) or career/industry specific interviews for our Industry Insights. We do not use commercial. product brands or brand names in our podcasts, we focus on ingredients as a reference. FX Medicine is aboout education, not advertising.  

    Our first step to working towards a podcast interview is to book in a Discovery Call with our host. This enables us to get to know each other, work out if we're a good fit and design a plan for the future potential interview. 

     Unfortunately we are not currently taking new bookings.

  6. What's in it for me?
    We have a wide-variety of podcast guests, covering a plethora of health-oriented topics. Our listeners come from all over the world. As a guest on FX Medicine, you're potentially exposing yourself to an audience of up to 200,000 people, or more, per month. More importantly, this audience is like-minded, engaged and potentially, ready to act on what they're learning from their peers through our program. 

    As a result of being on the FX Medicine podcast, virtually all guests report an increase in international contacts and client referrals as well as other interesting business opportunities. Those who are authors, will often report a jump in book sales and for those who are interviewed ahead of a conference or seminar appearence, the feedback we receive is that those conferences and courses go on to have a surge in bookings, and in some cases, sell out completely. 

    FX Medicine promote the podcast on release to our growing social media community and many of our community members love to share and repost our content. Our various social media platforms are also continually rolling through our new and old website content with the help of a social media scheduling system. 

    The wonderful thing about a podcast is that it continues to gain new listeners even several years after the initial interview. We cross link to other episodes in newer content and we also regularly share our older podcasts into our eNewsletters. We also have a number of partners that reguarly use our content in their social media and eNewsletters, or referenced in blogs etc. There's so many ways we re-use, and re-purpose content, so there's always an opportutnity for older podcasts to have the spotlight shone on them. 

Unfortunately we are not currently taking new bookings.