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Biofilms and Chronic Infections

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Biofilms and Chronic Infections with Helen Padarin

Biofilms are a strategic and evolutionary mechanism that bacteria have adapted as a means to resist host immune defences. In integrative medicine, this emerging area has become a new dimension in the treatment of resistant gut infections. Today we're joined by Helen Padarin, who shares her valuable clinical expertise treating infections, biofilms and gut imbalances. Helen's approach is not to attack "bad" organisms directly, rather, to undo the ways pathogens evade the immune system, support host immune defences and restore tissue heath to help bring balance to the gut ecosystem.

Covered in this episode:

[02:05] Introducing Helen Padarin
[03:40] Helen's lecturing background in New Zealand.
[04:14] The Bubba-Yum-Yum Book.
[05:12] What led to the specialty in children's health and behaviour/learning disorders?
[07:21] The evolution of biofilm understanding.
[09:57] "Quorum Sensing".
[11:00] How do we differentiate biofilms from the normal mucus produced within the gut?
[12:15] Examples of biofilms in the human body.
[14:30] Biofilms and antibiotic resistance.
[17:02] What interventions can be used to balance biofilm issues.
[12:22] Helen's Protocol: Step 1: Weaken the biofilm
[25:08] Step 2: Antimicrobials
[26:30] Step 3: The all-important "mop-up" phase
[28:06] What types of patient groups tend to have biofilms?
[30:13] Foods beneficial for the microbes.
[31:44] The idiosyncrasies of appropriate probiotic selections
[35:59] Caveats and warnings to be aware of.
[38:53] What about: Caprylic Acid, NAC & Mastic Gum?
[41:33] Where can practitioners learn more?


Resources mentioned in this podcast


 Dr Anju Usman via AutismOne.org


As Helen mentioned, Health Professionals may be interested in learning more about biofilms in her presentation for Health Masters Live

Helen's Presentation: "Breaking Bacteria’s Biofilm"



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