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Fuelling Kids and Handy Home Remedies with Bec Guild

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Fuelling Kids and Home Remedies with Rebecca Guild

Compliance is a major barrier to getting meaningful results when treating children with natural medicine.

Today we're joined by Naturopath, Bec Guild who has a knack for the practical application of natural medicines and home remedies to little ones. She is a passionate advocate of using food as medicine first, and supplements and other remedies as adjunctive support only when necessary. Her story for how her approaches have evolved over the past decade really highlights how coaching parents to apply the simplest of interventions can really have a profound impact. 

Covered in this episode:

[01:16] Introducing Rebecca Guild
[03:04] How Rebecca came to study Natural Medicine
[05:40] Why being in private practice wasn’t for Rebecca
[08:18] Treating kids: a decade ago vs. now
[12:22] Addressing specific nutritional deficiencies
[13:15] Overcoming medical acceptance
[15:14] What kinds of things would you do differently now?
[17:55] Judicious dietary restrictions and interventions
[21:50] Helping parents and kids to a better understanding of food
[24:47] Combatting fussy eating
[26:18] Health begins with the food we eat
[28:35] Why all parents need knowledge of home remedies
[36:52] The soothing and healing benefits of chicken soup
[40:38] The attitudes that diet doesn’t impact health
[43:29] Homemade drawing ointment
[45:30] Using a ginger-bug
[46:38] A helpful solution for night coughing
[49:34] Pelargonium for kids coughs
[52:24] Summary & Wrap


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