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Functional Pathology: Methylation

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Functional Pathology: Methylation

What are the benefits to Methylation Assessment and how is it done?

In today's podcast we enlist the functional pathology expertise of Beth Bundy to take you through the clinical relevance of methylation testing. Why we do it, when it may be needed, what it tells us and also of equal importance, what it doesn't tell us. Beth also discusses how to utilise these test results in order for practitioners to carry out responsible prescribing.

Beth has a gift for making tedious biochemistry entertaining and deeply informative. Beth firmly believes in targeted testing, based on strong indicators from thorough case-taking and safe prescribing.

Covered in this episode:

[00:50] Welcoming back Beth Bundy
[01:39] Today's Topic: The Methylation Profile
[02:29] Firstly, a brief overview of methylation
[03:17] Methylation testing in Australia
[07:26] Methylation and Folate metabolism
[12:39] How are these tests performed?
[14:21] When to consider performing this test?
[17:14] Other tests that can be of use?
[21:00] There are many factors that can impact methylation
[22:22] Being mindful of testing
[24:18] Methylation profiles vs. SNP testing?
[27:56] How to use the Methylation Test to guide therapy?
[29:48] Can diet and lifestyle have measurable impacts on methylation?
[31:43] How to choose when to perform the test, vs just working on symptoms?
[32:42] Practical implementation of therapy from methylation and genetic tests
[35:38] Salient points on safe prescribing based on test results
[40:10] Do probiotics seem to impact methylation?
[41:40] Devil's Advocate: Is testing necessary?
[42:50] Summary and Wrap Up

Research Explored in this podcast

Bilinski K, Boyages S. Evidence of overtesting for vitamin D in Australia: an analysis of 4.5 years of Medicare Benefits Schedule(MBS) data. BMJ Open. 2013 Jun 20;3(6). pii: e002955. 

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