Genetics: Personalised Detoxification

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Genetics: Personalised Detoxification

What is the clinical significance of genetics in detoxification?

As integrative medicine continues to gravitate towards bio-individualisation, understanding how to apply this kind of information is going to be crucial to the future of practice.

Today Dr Denise Furness navigates us through some of the most common detoxification SNPs as well as their clinical relevance and how she applies this information to her patient treatment plans. 

Covered in this episode:

[01:03] Welcoming back Dr Denise Furness.
[02:07] Recapping Denise's research portfolio
[03:45] Today's topic: Genetic Detox Profiling
[05:04] Why isn't genetic testing more "mainstream"?
[07:54] What is the relevance of testing for genetic detox SNPs?
[11:13] Assessing Antioxidant Enzymes 
[12:09] Why choose genetic detox SNP assessment over Functional Detoxification testing?
[13:21] Superoxide Dismutase, Manganese and MnSOD genes
[15:42] Common P450 Enzyme variations: CYP1B1, CYP1A2, CYP1a1: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) & Benzene metabolism
[17:29] Estrogen metabolism: being aware of certain P450 enzymes and COMT
[21:07] Are there ways detox SNPs can confer a protective benefit?
[25:16] The demand for genetic testing
[28:38] When should the average practitioner consider checking patient's genetics?
[31:21] Wrap up and invitation for Denise to come back and talk further on this topic


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