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The Hibernating Thyroid

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The Hibernating Thyroid

In this podcast Dr Mark Donohoe shares his vast clinical knowledge of the functional aspects of low thyroid function. He coins the phrase a "hibernating thyroid" to explain why we shouldn't be so quick to stimulate the thyroid in those presenting with low metabolism, but rather seek to uncover the true cause of WHY thyroid levels plummet in patients. We explore the usefulness, cautions and paranoia of using such nutrients as iodine, selenium, tyrosine, and vitamin A in nourishing (rather than stimulating) the thyroid gland, as well as supporting both the adrenal glands and liver function to rejuvenate patients back to a normal metabolic rate.

Dr Mark Donohoe is one of Australia’s most experienced and best known medical practitioners in the fields of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has a long history working in the emerging field of “integrative medicine”, and continues to bring orthodox and complementary medicine together in his medical practice.


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