Meet "Student of the Year" Claudette Casey Freeman

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Meet "Student of the Year" Claudette Casey Freeman **BIMA Awards Special Edition**

In this podcast Andrew talks to Nutritionist, Claudette Casey Freeman who recently won the BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award (BIMA) for "Student of the Year”.

Claudette, along with juggling the many demands of new-motherhood, is also a regular contributor to many health magazines and also runs the "Nutritional Medicine Practitioners Network", a private Facebook community designed for practitioners of Nutritional Medicine to connect, network and share knowledge.

Claudette Casey Freeman is a Nutritionist and Health Writer. In the past, Claudette has assisted in the management of a successful wieght loss program, as well as designed and developed a product label on he shelves of retail stores. She currently specialises in using "food as medicine" to aid in a plethora of disease conditions and prevention.

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