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Pregnancy: Safe Immune Support

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Pregnancy: Safe Immune Support

There is nothing worse than getting ill whilst pregnant and the treatments available in standard medicine are often contraindicated when pregnant. Natural medicine has a lot to offer pregnant women when they are faced with things such as the common cold, the flu, coughing, gastro and other acute immune conditions. Stacey "The Baby Maker" Roberts takes us through the common ailments pregnant women may face and how natural medicine can effectively and safely support them.

Stacey is a former physiotherapist turned herbalist and naturopath who has been involved in healthcare since 1989, in both conventional and complimentary medicine. As an internationally recognised fertility and women’s health expert she has assisted people in over 32 countries with improving their overall health and wellbeing by addressing their physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing. Stacey is an international speaker and author who has written over seven books including the best seller 'The Fertility Bible'. She has been featured on television in World News, A Current Affair, Oprah, Discovery Channel and Sunrise in Sydney amongst many others. 



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