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Rebalancing the Autoimmune Thyroid

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Rebalancing the Autoimmune Thyroid

The thyroid is a fickle little organ. It is essential to so many important functions of the body and yet, there are so many aspects of modern life that impact upon its optimum functioning. As a result thyroid disorders associated with autoimmunity are a growing disease burden, particularly for women, many of whom turn to integrative medicine to help them find their way back to "feeling well" again.

Naturopath, Helen Padarin has been helping patients with both diagnosed and undiagnosed thyroid disorders turn their health around. Today she shares her clinical pearls of wisdom on what to look out for in patients, what to test for and what treatment approaches to consider in rebalancing the autoimmune thyroid. 

Covered in this episode:

[02:05] Welcoming back Helen Padarin
[03:49] Introducing today's topic: Rebalancing the Autoimmune Thyroid
[05:12] Is it an immune issue, or is it the thyroid?
[07:18] Why are thyroid disorders such a major issue for today's society?
[08:18] Classic pathognomonic signs?
[09:27] What assessments are important?
[16:36] Understanding links with Coeliac Disease.
[18:39] Is all thyroid disease of an autoimmune nature?
[19:09] What treatments have you found to be most effective?
[21:48] Detoxing home & lifestyle
[22:53] Optimising key nutrients & gut function
[24:16] Sleep: it's so important..
[28:13] Supportive therapy for detoxification pathways
[28:46] Organic Acids Testing
[30:24] The importance of collaborative healthcare: working together for patient wellbeing
[33:52] Lessons from the learning curve of practice
[38:21] The Naturopathic Model: supporting the patient, not treating a disease

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