Researchers from as far back as 1930 suspected a link between gut and skin health and this has certainly been a cornerstone of understanding for wholistic medicine practitioners.

Jul 01, 16

Human milk feeding is widely regarded as first choice for infant nutrition. It is a complex substance, and its components full many nutritive, developmental and immunoprotective functions in infant nutrition and within the infant GI tract.  However, breastfeeding may not always be possible, and so infant formulas have been developed to provide nutritional and functional properties as close as possible to human milk.

Jun 03, 16

In recent years an amazing discovery has advanced our understanding of intestinal permeability and the role of zonulin. 

May 13, 16

In this infographic we take a closer look at the life cycle of influenza virus and highlight some acute immune strategies which can help to manage flu symptoms, severity and duration.

May 06, 16

Research shows that male fertility issues account for almost half of all infertility cases that are reported and treated. In this infographic we review the evidence in support of some important nutrients and herbs that have been shown to assist in increasing male fertility and sperm count.

Apr 01, 16