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An East-West Approach to Eye Disorders

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An East-West Approach to Eye Disorders

Moira's true clinical expertise shines in this enlightening podcast about her involvement in a multi-modality clinic treating complex eye disorders for which orthodox medicine has little to offer. This podcast will reveal how a multi-disciplinary, safety-orientated approach can offer real benefits for those with chronic visual disorders.

Learn about the success and synergy of blending orthodox medicine, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture.


Moira Bradfield has 14 years experience working as a Naturopath both in Australia and overseas, having graduated with a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Southern Cross University in 2001, Moira has worked as a Naturopath in a variety of settings with a wide range of health conditions and disease states. 

In the pursuit of blending naturopathic medicine with oriental modalities Moira completed a diploma in traditional Thai massage in 2004 and in 2010 completed a masters degree in acupuncture through Southern Cross University and now incorporates effective oriental protocols into her naturopathic practice. She has traveled to the United Kingdom, Thailand and China as part of her clinical training. 

Moira has lectured in Naturopathy both overseas and in Australia in Nutrition, Pharmacology and Pathology and is currently a Senior Lecturer of Nutrition at The Endeavour College of Natural Health, Gold Coast.

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