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Food Sovereignty & Inherited Toxicity

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Food Sovereignty and Inherited Toxicity

Growing up in rural New South Wales gave Sarah Lantz a grounded appreciation of food. A connection to food origins is something most of society has now lost, but its an area Sarah is passionate about. Her love for nutritious, local, wholesome food combined with her formal qualifications as a Nutritionist, and her concerns about the abundant and unregulated use of chemicals during food production gave her the perfect springboard to research the toxins transmitted between mother and baby. Suffice to say, analysis of cord blood led to some startling revelations! 

Today Dr Lantz takes us through her research and also reveals her journey into the world of fermented foods, which led to her latest venture "Buchi Kombucha", a traditional fermented tea company that is now teaching this lost art to the public.

Dr Sarah Lantz is a health writer, researcher, author, nutritional consultant, and all-round chemical conscious nut. Sarah’s passion for understanding the healing properties of whole foods - plants, herbs, good fats and oils, greens – comes from growing up on farms in country NSW. 

From rural upbringing Sarah went urban and gained tertiary qualifications in public and population health, nutrition, some toxicology, and when one to complete her PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australian Youth Research Centre.

In recent years has worked as Research Fellow and Lecturer at a number of prestigious Universities across Australia, including the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. 

Sarah is now the Director of Roots in Nature Pty Ltd and Buchi Kombucha. She currently runs workshops across Australia engaging people in issues of toxicity of the body, gut health, fermentation, and building body resiliency. Her first book Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World, is a bestselling publication, and has gone into its third re-print. She is currently writing her second book. Dr Lantz currently lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia with her two girls and brood of eccentric chickens.

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