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Functional Pathology: Neurotransmitters

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Functional Pathology: Neurotransmitters with Beth Bundy

Detecting neurotransmitter (NT) imbalance has the potential to refine treatment choices for sufferers of depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

Although it is not yet possible to measure NTs directly within the central nervous system (CNS), newer research proposes that testing for NT metabolites in our urine may offer up some clues as to what it happening in the CNS.

Today, naturopath and functional pathology expert Beth Bundy helps us to navigate the clinical relevance of using this sphere of testing. Whilst only a guide, to be used alongside other assessments, perhaps this form of testing will reduce the guesswork and improve the success rate of initial treatment above the 50% chance for current pharmacological management?

Covered in this episode:

[01:10] Welcoming back Beth Bundy
[02:21] Today's Topic: Neurotransmitter Testing
[02:39] The role of neurotransmitters
[03:45] Circulation and transport of neurotransmitters
[04:43] Evidence of testing 
[05:54] Are we testing actual neurotransmitters or metabolites?
[06:04] Inhibitory Neurotransmitters
[06:11] Excitatory Neurotransmitters
[06:16] Glutamate 
[06:40] Dopamine and metabolites
[07:10] Adrenaline, Nor Adrenaline and metabolites
[08:01] Serotonin and metabolites
[08:18] GABA
[08:25] Glycine
[08:55] Phenethylamine (PEA) 
[10:03] Limitations and influencers on testing
[15:44] Not a stand alone test
[18:04] Clinical significance of the tests
[20:37] Applying neurotransmitter testing
[30:57] Performing the test(s)
[36:35] When would you not do a neurotransmitter test?
[38:15] Final summary 

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