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Naturopath Joanne Kennedy takes us through the ins and outs of the biochemistry of histamine and homocysteine in the body and how they affect our health.
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Nutritionist and Dietician Natalie Douglas takes us through using pathology to help identify and treat thyroid dysfunction and Hashimoto’s disease.  
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Maria Allerton (née Shaflender) discusses a variety of contributing factors and treatment options for Irritible Bowel Syndrome.
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Naturopath and Nutritionist Kate Holm joins us today to discuss treatment approaches to addressing neurobehavioural issues in children
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What does it mean to “die well?” Dr Mark Donohoe helps us tackle this difficult and moving topic. 
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Dietician Yvonne Coleman takes us through drug-nutirent interactions.
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Naturopath Julie Seamer advocates for a new model of health care where pharmacists, doctors and natural health practitioners can co-manage patients together.
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Christine Pope discusses treating patients with cognitive decline and what she’s learned from implementing the ReCODE protocol with her own patients.  
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Naturopath and acupuncturist Moira Bradifeld discusses the Estrobolome: the totality of all metabolism and conditions related to oestrogen.  
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Dr Alan Gaby champions hero vitamins, debunks myths and explains controversies in nutritional supplementation and intervention.
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Beth Bundy takes us through oestrogen metabolism and some of the controversial research surrounding oestrogen metabolites and cancer risk. 
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Naturopath and Nutritionist Rhiannon Hardingham discusses the details of evidence-based preconception care.
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Naturopath Tanya Wells discusses the full gamut of ways to support cancer patients once they have finished treatment.
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It's well established that sugar impacts metabolic health, but have you considered the impact to fertility?
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With the help of Sarah Gray from the Olive Wellness Institute, we dive deep into the world of the olive plant and unravel the science that makes this plant a champion when it comes to being a 'food-...