Functional Medicine 2.0 with James Maskell

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Functional Medicine 2.0 with James Maskell

Calling all functional medicine entrepreneurs - this podcast is for you!

James Maskell has been described as the most influential non-physician promoter in the industry, and his passion and enthusiasm for helping health professionals create profitable, meaningful and fulfilling healing businesses is palpable.

With thanks to the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association, James joins us today  to give us some insight into what he will be covering in his forthcoming "The Future of Medicine" presentation in Sydney, March 2017.  James has a vision for the future of functional medicine practices which he describes as "Functional Medicine 2.0" . Tune in to learn more. 

Covered in this episode

[00:36] Introducing James Maskell
[01:14] AIMA Event: The Future of Medicine with James Maskell 
[02:37] The most influential non-physician promoter of the industry
[03:05] James background and journey into functional medicine
[05:48] The non-clinical aspects of building a practice
[06:37] The functional forum was born
[08:06] What drives practitioners into integrative medicine
[10:40] Functional Medicine 1.0
[11:48] Functional Medicine 2.0
[12:54] The book: The Evolution of Medicine
[16:54] Resources for learning functional medicine
[17:51] Functional Medicine is the future of medicine
[21:05] The economic benefits of integrative medicine
[26:43] What are the top things practitioners can do?
[28:17] Micro-practices: creating your own "job"
[28:48] Where is the future of health creation?
[33:17] What modalities can adopt these ideas?
[36:10] The ethical dilemma of delivering medicine digitally
[39:39] The real costs of delivering healthcare
[43:50] Conferences worthy of attending to learn more
[44:38] Final summary and thanks to James for sharing his ideas

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