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Stewed Healing Apples and Immune Cofactors

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Stewed apples recipe

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If you are an avid listener to the FX Medicine Podcast, you might have heard regular reference to the use of stewed apples as a key intervention in gut healing and repair. 

Dr Mark Donohoe and Andrew Whitfield-Cook are huge fans of this easy, patient-friendly intervention that they were first introduced to by Michael Ash at the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium

We've had so many requests from our listeners about where to find the recipe for "Dr Mark's Stewed Apples" that we decided to consolidate it into an infographic that can be saved or shared as needed. See the link below if you would like to see Michael Ash's scientific rationale for the use of apples as a functional food for mucosal healing. 

Download a printer-friendly version here.

CREATED AND PUBLISHED WITH PERMISSION from Michael Ash. Original article can be found here.


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