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Detoxification Detective with Dr Mark Donohoe

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Detoxification Detective with Dr Mark Donohoe

There is a growing body of research which links toxins to the development of a variety of health conditions but identifying the toxins that may be to blame in patient illness can take some core detective skills.

Dr Mark Donohoe has decades of experience uncovering the toxic burdens of his patients. Today he talks about the complexity of agricultural and urban exposures that can be undermining patient health and shares his top recommendations for health professionals when approaching these kinds of cases. 

Covered in this episode:

[01:02] Welcoming back Dr Mark Donohoe
[01:37] Today's topic: Detoxification Detective
[02:15] How big of an issue is pesticide exposure?
[08:38] What is the harm created by pesticide exposure?
[10:48] The impact on liver CYP enzymes
[12:01] Resources for drug interactions
[14:06] How common diet, lifestyle or drug therapies impact the body's ability to cope with pesticides
[14:26] Influencers of detoxification pathways
[20:45] Can we still measure for these pesticides in the environment?
[25:53] Urban exposures 
[33:36] Accumulative exposures can begin in the home.
[36:05] Is there any point to testing for it?
[39:40] The microbiome takes the hit first and must be supported
[44:03] Exogenous toxins and renovators' case example
[46:56] Treatment considerations
[52:05] Mark's Top 5 interventions to protect the body during detoxification
[55:59] The importance of being supported by a health professional

Research Explored in this podcast

Hoffman L, Trombetta L, Hardej D. Ethylene bisdithiocarbamate pesticides Maneb and Mancozeb cause metal overload in human colon cells. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 2016;41:78-88.

Additional Resources

University of Maryland Medical Centre Drug Interaction Tool
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
TGA Product Information (PI) Database
BioCeuticals FX Medicine Trade Journal

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