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Functional Pathology for Children with Beth Bundy

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Functional Pathology for Children

Treating kids can be difficult at the best of times and knowing when to undertake testing and what tests are appropriate can be even more confusing.

In this podcast, Beth Bundy divulges some of the answers. Her practical manner leads us through the maze of various functional pathology tests including which tests to use, when to use them and the practical implications of each test. Beth discusses everything from food sensitivities, to gut dysbiosis and even Iodine testing to help get our children back to peak health.

Covered in this episode:

[01:03] Welcoming back Beth Bundy
[01:44] Today's Topic: Functional Pathology for Children
[01:58] Children often cant adequately express what's going on in their body
[02:38] What health issues cause practitioners to seek pathology testing?
[05:24] Food allergy testing: limitations and indications
[16:17] When are blood tests on kids necessary?
[19:34] Some tests can be done via a finger prick
[20:50] Urine, stool, hair, buccal swabs, saliva and other types of testing
[26:11] Can we test CoQ10 in kids?
[26:57] Testing for clostridia in children
[30:38] Testing Vitamin Deficiencies
[34:53] Highlighting tests not suitable for children
[38:47] Urge parents to diligently read testing instructions
[39:46] Summary and wrap up

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