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Naturopathic Approaches for Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis with Rebecca Hughes

Oct 23, 19

Rebecca Hughes has a gift for clinical success in skin conditions. Today she shares with us how she approaches eczema and atopic dermatitis cases and what therapeutics she employs to achieve long-lasting relief for her patients. 

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Herbal Wisdom for Topical Skin Preparations with Denis Stewart

Sep 11, 19

Affectionately known as The Godfather of Australian Herbalism, Denis Stewart is a herbal medicine luminary. Today, as we pick his brain about one of the most tricky areas of clinical practice: chronic, itchy skin conditions.

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Aug 30, 19

Natural therapists often incorporate internal probiotic supplementation into the eczema regime, respecting the gut-skin axis, but what is commonly overlooked is the impact the microbiome residing on the skin’s surface has on eczema development and progression.

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Seborrhoeic Dermatitis: The Naturopathic Way

Jul 20, 16

Skin conditions can be notoriously challenging to treat and seborrhoeic dermatitis is no exception. Naturopath, Danny Urbinder, shares his approaches to addressing this condition.

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