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Male Infertility & Libido

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Male Infertility & Libido

Male infertility affects 20% of infertile couples, yet many ostensibly place "blame" on the female of the couple.

In this podcast, Stacey (The BabyMaker) Roberts takes us through the physical and emotional rollercoaster facing infertile couples when trying to find "the reason" for their inability to have children. Stacey takes us on a journey to explore the causes, the nutritional treatments and the huge psychological burden placed on individuals by society, and even by friends and family.

Stacey also discusses the various aspects of lowered male libido, the potential reasons and treatments available. Critically, Stacey reveals how practitioners can break the blame game of "who's fault it is", and coaches us through how to maximise the chances by which couples can conceive with the support of evidence-based natural medicines.

Stacey is a former physiotherapist turned herbalist and naturopath who has been involved in healthcare since 1989, in both conventional and complimentary medicine. As an internationally recognised fertility and women’s health expert she has assisted people in over 32 countries with improving their overall health and wellbeing by addressing their physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing. Stacey is an international speaker and author who has written over seven books including the best seller 'The Fertility Bible'. She has been featured on television in World News, A Current Affair, Oprah, Discovery Channel and Sunrise in Sydney amongst many others. 

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