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Part 2: Integrative Therapies for Drug Detoxification

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Part 2: Integrative Therapies for Drug Detoxification

There are far more people abusing legal drugs than there is illicit drugs, it's a much bigger problem! Some prescription drug classes cause major social issues with addiction or dependence with subsequent deleterious effects on personal health and family welfare.

Following on from our previous podcast on the detoxification/withdrawal of illicit drugs, today Pharmacist and Integrative Medicine Practitioner Greg Mapp takes us through the safe and responsible detoxification of several classes of pharmaceutical drugs and instructs practitioners on the practical aspects of supporting patients through prescription drug detox.

Adjunct Associate Professor Greg Mapp is an Australian trained and accredited pharmacist with extensive practical experience in integrative medicine. He has Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine from the University of New England. Presently, he lectures in complementary medicine, pharmacy practice and pharmacotherapeutics at Griffith University's School of Pharmacy.

Since graduating from the University of Queensland, Greg has owned three pharmacies, currently holding a partnership in a medical centre pharmacy in northern New South Wales. Greg works in the pharmacy part-time and has successfully incorporated fee-based consultations to meet increasing customer demand for an integrative approach to healthcare.

With his expertise and practical experience in the field of integrative medicine, Greg also regularly presents on this topic at both national and international pharmacist conferences including AACP conferences on the Gold Coast and conferences in India, Fiji and New Zealand.

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