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Feb 11, 17

The Mindd International Forum offers comprehensive education to certified practitioners for the care of children (and mothers) with chronic complex conditions including allergies, asthma, ADHD, autism, CFS, PANDAS, tick-born infections, mitochondrial dysfunction, microbiome damage, OCD, ODD, Sensory Processing Disorder, immune dysregulation, digestive disorder and more.

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Meet Roberto de Souza; BIMA Award Winner for Excellence in Chiropractic

Jul 15, 15

In today’s podcast Andrew chats with recent BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award (BIMA) winner for “Excellence in Chiropractic", Roberto de Souza.

Roberto takes us through his career in Pre-Med in the USA, his subsequent calling to chiropractic care and how he came to specialise in treating children. Being a father of young children himself, Roberto discusses his caring approach and shares practical tips on how he improves patient compliance.

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST: The Many Faces of Pain with Elizabeth Cowley

Jun 18, 15

In this episode, Andrew discusses the many faces of pain with naturopath Elizabeth Cowley. They explore how to effectively manage various presentations with herbs, nutrients, diet, and lifestyle interventions.

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