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FX Medicine Podcast
FX Medicine is at the forefront of ensuring functional and integrative medicine gains the recognition it deserves and ultimately establishes itself as an integral part of standard medical practice. Hosted by Dr Adrian Lopresti, Dr Michelle Woolhouse, Dr Damian Kristof and Emma Sutherland, our podcasts are designed to promote research and evidence-based therapeutic practises, acting as a progressive force for change and improvement in patient health and wellbeing.
Apr 01, 2022

In partnership with FX Medicine and Blackmores, Petrea King warmly shares this beautiful, heartfelt message of support to the Northern Rivers and Queensland communities in response to the recent floods. 

Feb 25, 2022

The Bi-directional Relationship Between Immunity and Stress by Lisa Costa Bir

Feb 14, 2022

Professor Lesley Braun and our ambassadors look at immunity through the lens of their respective areas of expertise.

Sep 27, 2021

The all-new hosts of FX Medicine - Dr Adrian Lopresti, Dr Damian Kristof, Emma Sutherland and Dr Michelle Woolhouse - come together with Dr Lesley Braun to discuss the growing mental health crisis.

Sep 16, 2021

Integrative Veterinarian Dr Matt Muir joins us to discuss some key topics when treating our companion animals.

Sep 09, 2021

Kate Holm returns to FX Medicine to discuss the strategies in treating common respiratory complaints in children.

Sep 02, 2021

Naturopath Pam Hird discusses how to recover after a business setback.

Aug 26, 2021

Dr Joanna McMillian busts the various myths around olive oil, along with the benefits of incorporating it into your diet, and her guidelines on finding a good quality one and how to store it properly.