The Inflamed Brain with Dr Brandon Brock

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The Inflamed Brain with Dr Brandon Brock

How well do you understand the inner workings of the brain?

We're well aware of the effects that poor nutrition, lack of sleep, excessive or chronic stress and toxins can play on brain and cognitive health. But what are the actual mechanisms of damage to the brain? How does the brain clean away damaged cellular debris and what happens when our normal healing mechanisms don't work? Furthermore, how can we repair a brain damaged by chronic inflammation?

Ahead of his travels down under for the 7th BioCeuticals Research Symposium, we welcome back Dr Brandon Brock, who has dedicated his career to caring for the brains of children, adults and indeed, military personnel.

In today's podcast, we'll discuss how chronic, unremitting inflammation damages the minds of so many patients. He shares how to best assess what the real issue is with their neurology, and what we can do to either mitigate, or repair the inflamed brain. 

Covered in this episode

[01:56] Welcoming back Dr Brandon Brock
[03:38] How does inflammation affect the brain?
[09:06] What are the brain's cleaning mechanisms?
[10:58] Understanding cerebrospinal fluid
[12:40] Can stress alone cause brain trauma?
[14:22] Neuro-immune excitotoxicity
[17:32] The cornerstone of most neuro-degenerative diseases
[19:07] Infections: an underestimated element in brain inflammation
[23:04] Putting on the detective hat
[26:37] Genetic impacts of sustained brain injury
[29:15] Paediatric vs. Adult vs. Elderly brains
[31:51] "Raising a generation of broken brains"
[34:54] Quality brain nutrition
[39:21] Regulating immunity
[45:01] How to incorporate longer consults into practice
[47:56] What to expect from Dr Brock at the 7th BioCeuticals Research Symposium


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