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Integrative Dietetics in Public Health

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Integrative Dietetics in Public Health

From his beginnings as a chef, Richard Sager went on to study Dietetics because he fell in love with the science of food.

Early in his career, Richard witnessed how an integrative approach to nutrition and dietetics could make a difference to bariatric surgery outcomes. Richard went on to continually deepen his integrative approach and was recently awarded with a BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award recognising his industry leadership.

Currently, Richard works in the 'Top End' (Northern Territory, Australia) where works with local communities to educate and inspire people to improve their health and wellbeing through food choices. Richard takes us through complexities of applying nutrient dense diets to his patients whilst overcoming cultural or even accessibility obstacles. His considered and collaborative approach is inspiring and really shows the layers to a career in applying nutrition within the public health sector.

Covered in this Episode

[01:45] Introducing Richard Sager
[03:12] Richard's interesting career evolution
[05:35] The appeal is the "Science of Food"
[08:24] Changing attitudes to food
[12:00] Food preparation and food choice can be a source of stress
[13:05] Bariatric surgery: implementing an integrative apporach
[17:35] Working with indigenous communities in the Top End. 
[23:28] Embracing Integrative Medical Approaches
[27:42] Nutrition is more than just the diet
[28:32] A movement towards "Bush-Tucker" acceptance
[30:27] Convenience drives food choices
[32:00] Bridging the cultural divide in nutritional medicine
[34:01] Richard's current areas of practice
[34:34] Working in the area of Autism
[40:48] Working in Nutrigenomics with food
[44:11] Resources for practitioners
[46:15] Conclusion


Darwin Dietitians is a private nutrition and dietetic practice run by Richard Sager, founded in 2008. 

They aim to provide exceptional service and quality nutritional and dietetic care to their clients.



Integrative Healthcare offers real solutions for the whole family by combining diet, nutrient therapy, structural support, energy medicine and lifestyle to restore the body’s natural ability to grow, heal and prevent disease. Sometimes neuro therapies are also needed.

Mindd Foundation helps practitioners and patients discover and implement effective treatments for Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental conditions that often affect the mind. Our focus is on paediatric disorders such as ADHD, Asthma, allergies, autism, chronic illness, depression, learning and language delay, and digestive and behavioural disorders. 

Victus Health is an Innovative Australian Company founded by Sunshine Coast women, Michelle Ridgway & Pauline O’Sullivan.

Michelle and Pauline’s love of good food and nutrition, and their personal experiences maintaining children on elimination diets, gave them a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by those whose health conditions require them to follow special diets. This insight fuelled their determination to build a scientifically classified nutrition platform that would make it easier for health practitioners to design personalized nutrition programs; and for patients to adopt and adhere to them.

The resulting Victus Nutrition Platform collates years of scientific research into one user-friendly application that enables complex nutritional health care programs to be:

▪ Personalized for the individual by health professionals
▪ Easily accessed by clients
▪ Readily sharable among the client’s support network

The Platform was successfully launched in Australia in November 2013, and is now being used in 10 countries.


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