The Oral Microbiome with Dr Steven Lin

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The Oral Microbiome

We often think of good bacteria in our small and large intestines, but what about our mouth? Today we explore the oral microbiome with holistic dentist, Dr Steven Lin.

Dr Lin reveals why the simple action of chewing good healthy food, drinking ample water and avoiding the highly sugared food that we are so accustomed to in our convenience-led lifestyles, can help you have a better smile, less dental caries and furthermore, balance a dysbiotic intestinal microbiota.

Dr Steven Lin trained at the University of Sydney with a background in biomedical science, Steven works with a focus on the systemic affects of oral disease.  A TEDx speaker and passionate health communicator he is working to merge the dental and nutritional fields with the publication ‘The Dental Diet’: an exploration of evolutionary diet, genetics and nutritional medicine. Based on the pioneering work of Dr Weston A Price, Dr Lin explores the link between modern industrialised food, dental disease and every other degenerative health problem known to mankind.

Find Dr Steven Lin's eBooks here

To discover more about Dr Steven Lin's position on the use of fluoride in dentistry, as he mentioned in this podcast, you can read further in his article; Oral Health: The Bigger Picture


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