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The functionality of cholesterol with Dr Jason Kaplan

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST: The Functionality of Cholesterol with Dr Jason Kaplan

According to Dr Jason Kaplan, an wholistic cardiologist from Sydney, the cholesterol story is changing.

When it comes to prevention of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and LDL is only part of the picture. The reality is that the majority of people who are treated for heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels.

In this podcast interview Dr Kaplan explains the need to take into account the whole patient. He identifies the key drivers of cardiovascular disease as being inflammation, lifestyle factors and poor dietary choices and discusses the approach he adopts to make the necessary changes in his patients to make a real difference.

Jason Kaplan BSc(Med) MBBS(Hons) FRACP FCSANZ is a General Adult Cardiologist in Private practice with Sydney Cardiology Group. Dr Kaplan specialises in Cardiac Imaging, Sports and Preventative Cardiology. He completed his Cardiology training at Royal Prince Alfred hospital in 2010 following extra training in Adult Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology which allows him to take a holistic view of patients’ health. As well as a busy clinical practice, he is a regular presenter and speaker at seminars on cardiac wellness and heart attack prevention, and is a guest presenter on radio 2UE’s Healthy Living show. He teaches medical students through the University Of Sydney and has practices in Sydney’s CBD, North and North West.


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