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Aug 24, 15

D-glucaric acid is a natural, non-toxic compound produced by the body in small amounts, in addition to being found in fruits and vegetables: the richest sources include oranges, apples, grapefruits and cruciferous vegetables.

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Extemporaneous Dispensing - The Clinical use of Calcium-D-glucarate

Aug 05, 15

Calcium D-glucarate has some great clinical applications for detoxification, gut and liver health.

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST BONUS: The Hidden Epidemic - Toxicity Explained with Dr Joe Pizzorno

May 15, 15

Dr Joseph Pizzorno is one of the world's leading authorities on natural and integrative medicine. He was a key note speaker at the recent BioCeuticals Research Symposium in April 2015 and spoke extensively on the critical topic of toxicity. When Dr Pizzorno began his research into toxic exposure and human toxic load he could not have imagined the extent of the problem. In this interview conducted at BioCeuticals Resarch Symposium, Dr Pizzorno discusses the current human toxic load, the damage it can cause, symptoms of exposure and the range of treatments available.

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