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L-Theanine: A Modern Panacea?

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L-theanine: A Modern Panacea?

We can all envision that relaxed sigh from the first sip from a nice cup of tea. Why is tea so relaxing? Research suggests that the calming properties of tea are partly due to L-theanine, an amino-acid constituent of tea which is commonly used for anxiety relief.

Today, renown cancer care specialist Dr Lise Alschuler takes us through the diverse range of conditions for which L-theanine may be useful from the more obvious uses such as anxiety, insomnia, ADHD and learning, through to emerging uses including immunity, cardiovascular health and promising applications for co-therapy with chemotherapy.

It seems that the therapeutic actions of L-theanine are congruent with the demands of some of our most common chronic health issues, making us pose the question:

is L-theanine the panacea to modern life?

Covered in this episode:

[02:05] Welcoming back Dr Lise Alschuler
[04:16] Introducing today's topic: The compound L-Theanine
[04:41] What is L-Theanine and how is it synthesized?
[06:52] Lets explore some of the uses?
[10:04] The importance of selecting your extract wisely
[12:07] How quickly does L-Theanine produce effect?
[13:58] Suitable for other manifestations of anxiety
[16:13] Action in combination with chemotherapeutics
[19:32] L-Theanine is beneficial in cardiovascular disease
[20:49] Does L-Theanine have anti-psychotic applications?
[22:10] Safety and Toxicity?
[22:46] The role of L-Theanine in caffeine modulation
[26:11] Could it be useful for "Chemo Brain"?
[28:22] Immune benefits via gamma-delta T Cell support
[30:55] Reviewing actions discussed so far
[31:53] Antioxidant benefits of L-Theanine
[33:04] Are there any negative effects to be aware of?
[38:28] Final summary

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