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Postpartum Nourishment

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Postpartum Nourishment with Belinda Reynolds

The postpartum period should be one where parents bond with their new addition, where everything is rosy and the future looks bright. Sadly, for many couples this is not the case. Today Belinda Reynolds, a Dietician and mother of two, takes us through the pressures and issues facing new parents and how we differentiate normal baby blues from a deeper, more debilitating postpartum depression. Belinda discusses the nutritional deficiencies that need to be addressed as well as the evidence for dietary and lifestyle interventions that can both treat and prevent pathological mood issues. 

Covered in this episode:

[02:05] Welcoming Belinda Reynolds
[02:46] Defining PND vs. Baby Blues
[04:10] Women putting pressure on women
[05:03] The benefits and risks of social media 
[08:24] The importance of post natal support
[09:24] Risk Factors
[10:22] Post natal depression doesn’t just affect women
[10:58] Resources to access for support
[11:22] Nutritional deficiencies
[23:09] Dietary dilemmas of wheat & gluten
[26:18] Focus on hydration
[27:25] Planning ahead for nutrient dense foods and snack options
[28:35] Importance of maintaining the "couple" relationship
[29:32] Take time to exercise to get fresh air and sunshine
[31:28] Asking for help when needed & it's ok not to be ok.
[35:10] Recap & wrap up.

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